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Poll User Documentation

Documentation on the polls
Every account is allowed to make up to 2 polls if:
  • You hold more than 8 Trillion $SPORE
  • You hold a charter collection NFT
To make a poll, log in and head to our polls page.
Then look for the + sign on the bottom right and click on new poll:
A new dialog with appear, fill on the title, if the users will be able to vote for more than one option, and the options themselves.
Note that the options can be edited, erased or the order can be changed by clicking and dragging:
Be aware than once you have published the poll it is not possible to edit it.
The voting results will be counted by 4 different criteria, which will have a weight to give a final result:
  • Spore held in wallet: 30%
  • Charter collection: 30%
  • Individual accounts holding more than 500 billion: 20%
  • Liquidity pool holders: 20%
If you want to adjust these percentages please make a proposal.